Another View on the article in GQ

Greetings of solidarity and respect to all who stand for human Rights and dignity.
I am a relative of Todd’s and 100 % supportive of his struggle for humane treatment in the corrupt cdcr system.

I have to admit that up until the 2011 peaceful protest hunger strikes and related information about the torturous conditions in control units we were clueless !
Todd never complained nor said a word to us at home and we assumed he deserved what he got based on his actions.

Our family is ashamed for not being more attentive of what has been going on.
We have the highest degree of respect for Todd and the other men who united together under the banner of human rights and dignity.

Todd Ashker is our hero and from my perspective stands above most ! He is an example of our ancestors spirit of resistance against oppression.

And we are therefore very upset over the lack of respect for Todd’s efforts to fight for not only his own basic rights, but the. decades long fight for all prisoners similarly situated to him,…. We are outraged at the author’s lack of context when quoting Todd in the GQ article about solitary confinement (March 2017, by Nathaniel Penn).

The article is a plus as far as keeping a spot light on this nations continued torture of thousands of prisoners.

And, it also adds a decent section of quotes from guards. Decent in respect to the fact their own words are on point with the rhetorical poppycock spewed out of cdcr’s propogandist spokespeople for decades.

These quoted staff sound like robotic puppets of the police state element in power positions. They recite various reasons to justify the endless torture of prisoners …

I believe the one expressing worry that the torture chamber called PBSP SHU will be shuttered is providing the real basis of guard anxst…

Nathaniel Penn has thus did a decent job of exposure of a few aspects of solitary confinement.
So we don’t understand why he qoutes Todd’s statement about the response to the brutal conditions men were subject to at the New Folsom Bedrock Control Unit (back in 1987-90). As Todd explained in one of his writings…

He describes his and other prisoners evolution from men responding to prisonc rats manipulative oppression of prisoners (to justify the price of the great expansion of prison industrial complex, and relational need for increased numbers of bodies to fill cells, and guard pockets),
From violent responses, to legal avenue responses, to combos of peaceful activism/legal avenue responses.

The qoute attributed to Todd in article portrays him as a type of supportive example of the guards description of prisoners as animalistic evil monsters bent on slinging feces at poor helpless civil servants simply protecting public safety.

Todd describes the milk carton incident as a type of ‘dirty protest’. A bit like the Irish political prisoners evolving tactics, inclusive of dirty protests in the 70s-80s. It was non violent, and effective.

It’s also notable that It’s at the end of Todd’s quote that GQ inserts the note explaining * (such is regarding staff denial of allegation by prisoner).

These above points re: Penn’s article portions linked to Todd have a look to them that stinks like that of state stooge trying to bismurch the solid reputation of a man whose decades long fight against egregious abuse of power out to be touted as exemplifying qualities of strength and character Inspiring to us all.

Nathaniel Penn has thus done a disservice to the prisoner human rights cause by unfairly quoting Todd in the article and notably failing to use quote in proper context.

Nathaniel Penn, and other GQ editorial staff owe Todd a public apology …
They could not walk a day in Todd’s shoes (he continues to be targeted for daily retaliatory attacks by the police state faction whose agenda he’s helped demolish);
Todd remains solidly committed to the cause he’s represented for nearly 35 yrs.
He stands tall in the front lines of the working class Poor’s fight for humane treatment and dignity.

He’s fought this battle from extreme disadvantage .. Totally under the guns, and boots, of the oppressors.

And the elements therein who are cowards have subjected him to nearly daily torments of all types in an effort to destroy him have failed miserably

Todd’s been bowed now and then but never been broken and together with similarly situated colleagues, has repeatedly prevailed and been vindicated as being on the righteous side of the fight.