About Todd

This is the website of Todd Ashker. You can read his writings and that of his fellow Prisoner Class men who together struggle for humanity and justice from behind the walls.

“I know him as a thoughtful human being who has dedicated his life to peaceful change, to helping his fellow prisoners by learning the law and sharing his knowledge. He was not that way 30 years ago when he first went to prison. He admits that. But any brain scientist will tell you that no man in his 40s is the same man he was in his teens or early 20s.

What puzzles and amazes me is how Todd remains such a remarkable man while living in conditions most of the world considers to be torture.” – Denis O’Hearn

Drawing with the text: Welcome Home PBSP Sanitorium

This is how the prisoners who were tortured for decades in Pelican Bay SHU were looking prior to our victories…


Todd Ashker, C58191
KVSP A8-126
P.O. Box 5101
Delano, CA 93216